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Downtown Detroit

Today I used my free afternoon to drive south to Detroit and go on a photo walk. After parking at “The Z” I went to “The Belt” which is the alley attached to the parking structure. Recently they started to transform this alley into an art gallery. Different artist had created paintings directly on the walls. Today the opening ceremony was held but unfortunately I couldn’t withstand the cold until then.…

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Tillson Street

Yesterday after work, some colleagues and I went a bit north to the small town Romeo. First we had burgers and beer at a nice local bar called “Thee Office”. It was really packed there and interestingly the atmosphere differed quite a bit from the other bars in the urban area. Afterwards we went to our actual destination, that was just a few blocks away - Tillson Street. In this street the homeowners put an exceptional effort into their halloween accessories and that’s what made the street famous in the whole region.…

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The Henry Ford Museum

An meinem freien Wochenende in Michigan besuchte ich heute das Henry Ford Museum. Es ist in Dearborn gelegen und befindet sich direkt am dortigen Ford-Werk. Theoretisch kann man dort auch Werksführungen bekommen - gerade allerdings nicht. Also besuchte ich das Museum und war schwer begeistert. Das Museum beherbergt mehrere Ausstellungen mit Fahrzeugen, Flugzeugen, Dampfmaschinen und einen geschichtlichen Teil zur Unabhängigkeit und zur Sklaverei. Ich begann mit den Fahrzeugen und sah mehrere Präsidentenlimousinen.…

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