Tillson Street

Yesterday after work, some colleagues and I went a bit north to the small town Romeo. First we had burgers and beer at a nice local bar called “Thee Office”. It was really packed there and interestingly the atmosphere differed quite a bit from the other bars in the urban area.


Afterwards we went to our actual destination, that was just a few blocks away - Tillson Street. In this street the homeowners put an exceptional effort into their halloween accessories and that’s what made the street famous in the whole region.


The street was full with visitors and it took us quite some time to walk by the at least 20 beautifully decorated houses. The decorations varied from holiday lights and spooky decorations to full-fledged graveyards.


One family even recreated a skeleton costume ball with multiple groups of dancing skeletons in their costumes and hall decorations.


Another family had a presumably sunken ship coming out of their front yard, that kept us wondering how this street stores all their decorations during the rest of the year.


Most of the homeowners also had their fun either by just sitting on the porch in front of their homes in costumes and looking at the bystanders or operating the various mechanisms to scare them. There were video projections on their windows, moving skeletons and even a death chair. All in all I’m deeply impressed, how much effort they put in this setup and I would be happy to visit again next year.