Walter Röhrl in the Autostadt

Okay so actually this isn’t really about Walter Röhrl since we missed him. A couple of weeks ago, the Autostadt had an event with him where he talked about his career and answered questions. Torsten, Marc and Tobi went but I couldn’t since our container would finally arrive the next day. In the car museum of the Autostadt, however, they had created an exhibit with some of his cars. »

Goodbye U.S. - New York City

It’s been a while. Maybe migrating my blog toolchain onto my server and then sticking that server into a container on a cargo ship for a month wasn’t the smartest idea I’ve ever had. Anyway, so here are some pictures from a month ago when Jessie and I went to NYC for our goodbye trip in the US. At that point, our container was already on its way and we would only fly back to Detroit for one night and then to our final destination in Germany. »

The Last 4th

Yesterday was our last 4th of July in the U.S. for the foreseeable future. We didn’t really have good plans for the day so Jessie and I simply drove down to Detroit, parked at her workplace, and went for a walk in the city. The QLINE has been operating for a while now and is still free during the introduction. This was the second time that we took the train and so far it has been filled with people every time we went. »

iPad Pro

I did a thing. I have a 2013 MacBook Pro and I’ve been on the market for a new one for quite a while. Last October, I was ready to buy the new MacBook that Apple would release. However, I was deeply disappointed by the direction they took. My old MacBook still feels more ‘Pro’ than the new one. At the recent WWDC, the MacBook at least got a minor update to Kaby Lake but I was hoping for more. »

Walt Disney Concert Hall

When we walked around LA, we walked past the Walt Disney Concert Hall This is probably one of the coolest buildings that the city has to offer. It was completed in 2003 and reminds me of what the phaeno in Wolfsburg could look like if it wasn’t all made of concrete. I think we spent a good half hour of walking around the building to find interesting angles and features. »

Back in LA

I finally found some time to write the last blog post about our honeymoon trip to Vegas and LA. After our trip back through the Mojave Desert, we arrived back in LA. There, we decided that we wanted to see one of the film studios and went with Warner Bros. I was personally a little underwhelmed by the locations that we visited but it was a cool experience regardless. We got to see a Harry Potter exhibit including some original pieces from one of the movies. »

Jessie's 30th Birthday

Last Monday was Jessie’s 30th birthday. Therefore, we celebrated on the weekend after. Jessie had wanted to start at River Rouge Brewing Company, a local Royal Oak brewery that we discovered just two weeks ago. They don’t serve food but their beer is on par with Griffin Claw. Next, we went to Lockhart’s, a local barbecue place. The evening ended at HopCat. The local chain recently opened a new location in Royal Oak and we went to check it out. »

Elmwood Cemetery

Today, Jessie and I rode our bikes to the Elmwood Cemetery. This was the second time that we’ve been there. On a bike ride with the Wolverines recently, we rode through there and I thought “hey, we should come back here to take pictures”. The cemetery - according to its website - is Michigan’s oldest continuously operating, non-denominational cemetery. It was established in 1846. We certainly have plenty of old cemeteries in Germany, yet few of them have such beautifully designed tombstones and crypts. »

Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert

When we arrived in Las Vegas, it was late afternoon. We had rented someone’s time-share in a hotel behind one of the casinos through airbnb. Sounds sketchy but was actually really nice for the price. It was right next to the Bellagio that - according to Jessie - had an enormous water show. I’ll take her to the Autostadt for a real show soon :)… We walked around on the strip for some time in search for something decent and cheap to eat. »

Venice Beach and Death Valley

It’s been a while since my last post which is mostly due to the fact that a lot was going on in my life recently. Jessie and I got married, we had friends and family over, and we spent our “double honeymoon” together with Marc and Ines. That was a while ago but now I finally found some time to write about it. We started our trip with a flight into LA and we directly drove to the beach - specifically Venice Beach - where our small apartment was. »