Mountain Biking in Südtirol

We had wanted to have a joint vacation this summer where we would travel through Bavaria, Südtirol (the northern region of Italy), and Austria. However, since Jessie got a new job, she isn’t able to take time off just yet.

I have to take my vacation days in the summer, though, and in order to at least get some time outside of the house, I chose to go to Südtirol regardless. Instead of my wife, I brought my mountain bike.

I had booked a spot at the campground in Toblach which is conveniently located right by a small lake in between large mountains in the Dolomites. Below is a picture taken from the campground, which already is at 1200m.

From there, I set off to multiple bike trips, the first of which led me past some old fortifications (from WW I if I recall correctly).

In the morning, it was very foggy and cold…

…but eventually, the fog disappeared and made room for sunshine.

Mountainbiking Dolomites

On the way back, I saw some cows that were blocking a bridge by just standing on it. They were very friendly, though, and some other cyclists and I could slowly push our bikes past them.

I had seen cows in the other direction, too. There, they were just grazing in the forest.

The first trip had led me to the next town where I just had a coffee and returned. Now, I actually wanted to climb a mountain and tried to build my own route for that. Half way through, I realized that this wasn’t the smartest idea since the route included some very steep sections where I had to push the bike and exhausted me quite a bit. The altitude of 2000+m at that point probably didn’t help either.

I had to turn around at 23 of the way but nevertheless got some beautiful views.

Toblacher See, Lake Toblach

The next day, I went for a hike instead. I picked a route that would start in Sand in Taufers and include the Riva Waterfalls as well as the Taufers Castle.

Taufers Castle

Finally, I visited the city of Bruneck, had some ice cream, and went up to the castle in the city center.

Bruneck Castle

Overall, I liked the region and its relaxing atmosphere very much and it seems like a great location for cycling. I had chosen the mountain bike but also saw plenty of road cyclists. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do the last ride I had planned since the weather report suggested thunderstorms for the evening and I didn’t want to get trapped on top of a mountain in the middle of that. Maybe next time - until then it’s back to beating Wolfsburg’s “mountains” :).