In May, Jessie and I went on a weekend trip to Leipzig. I’m way behind on my blogging so Jessie already posted her summary and great pictures.

To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations and thought this was going to be a visit to your average German city.

When we arrived, I was immediately deeply impressed. We found an amazing city center that was very clean and had many historic buildings.

There also were quite a few parks embedded into the city where one can relax in the sun. Especially on the first day, those were in pretty heavy use for the local Vatertag festivities.

We visited the free local GDR museum Zeitgeschichtliches Forum which currently has an exhibit on industrial design from post-reunification times. Included were objects like this beautiful Erika typewriter as well as the famous Simson bike.

It was also shown how people got creative with the limited number of products available and built their own devices. This tilling machine looks so sporty with the enormous exhaust that it should go through your field in no time.

Or look at this proud owner of a vehicle that certainly wouldn’t be road legal these days.

There also was an exhibit of Mosaic comic books which were famous and approved in the GDR. Besides the comics and drawings, it also showed how society dealt with youth literature. In this picture below, the two kids are exchanging their imperialistic western comic books for some good and approved books.

Apparently, Goethe also was here once (as in every other German city).

We also went to the zoo which I think was the main reason for Jessie to pick this city for the trip.

I was impressed by the enormous rainforest building where the animals could roam freely and visitors could walk around on the large network of pathways and over-ground structures. There also was a boat that you could take along the small indoor river but that felt like a rip-off to me.

Our timing with the Chimpanzees was perfect since it was feeding time when we arrived. The zoo keepers threw carrots into the cage and everyone ran and took what they could get.

We also enjoyed the many cool bars and restaurants that the city has to offer. You can certainly feel the “university city vibe” in Leipzig. I’d like to come back sometime. Maybe with our bikes so we can explore the surrounding area with its many lakes.