Goodbye U.S. - New York City

It’s been a while. Maybe migrating my blog toolchain onto my server and then sticking that server into a container on a cargo ship for a month wasn’t the smartest idea I’ve ever had. Anyway, so here are some pictures from a month ago when Jessie and I went to NYC for our goodbye trip in the US.

At that point, our container was already on its way and we would only fly back to Detroit for one night and then to our final destination in Germany.

A man with an american flag shirt in the Bronx

We had rented an airbnb from a very nice older lady in the Bronx. It was conveniently located next to a subway stop. You could definitely tell that this wasn’t the nicest neighborhood in the city, though.

On our first walk into the city, we went through Central Park and watched all the tourists, the tourist traps, and the tourist trap operators.

We also walked past Trump Tower where I had expected more security than there actually was. We saw plenty of proud supporters, though, that took pictures in front of the building.

Chelsea Market was a neat local indoor market in an old warehouse building.

A red vintage convertible from above

Because of Ben’s recommendation, we took the free ferry to Staten Island from which we enjoyed the view of the Manhattan skyline. The real purpose of the trip, however, was a lunch at Enoteca Maria where we were served the best Italian food that I’ve had in the US.

Ben had heard about the restaurant in a podcast where they explained that varying Italian grandmas visit the restaurant and then cook their original recipes.

Black and white picture of brooklyn bridge in New York

A kid with a basketball on the subway

Two days in a row, the water hydrants in our neighborhood were broken and one evening we saw the locals have their fun with them. They washed their cars and some kids used it to refresh themselves after the heat of the day.

One of my favorite things to do in the city is people watching in Chinatown. We walked up and down the streets and watched the market workers do their thing.

One of the things to do in the city that I would strongly advise against is an attempted trip with the local ferry. We bought some tickets at a vending machine and got in line to try to hop on one of the next ones. After more than half an hour, we gave up. Only a few people went off the ferry, which has multiple stops, so hardly any new people could get on.

Oh and we went to Brooklyn.

When looking for a bar to get a beer at, I found a Paulaner on yelp and since we were in the mood for a good German beer, we went there. To our surprise, the NYC Paulaner is not selling Paulaner beer from Germany. Instead, they have a license to brew some of the original recipes in their own location. Additionally, they are brewing their own beer so we just tried all of them in a flight. When you get the chance to try a Paulaner “K├Âlsch” and a Paulaner IPA, you have to take it. Turns out that they were all very good and I had a nice chat with the German owner of the brewery.

On one day, Jessie and I split up since she wanted to check out some of the museums and I wanted to wander around more, instead. During my walk, I walked into a free comedy in the park event where I listened to three very entertaining local comedians.

Waiting man on a bench

A man sitting on stairs reading a book

New York City Chinatown sitting man

On the last night, we went to a tiny local club that had space for about 10 visitors and hosted a few upcoming comedians. Sometimes it was a little cringeworthy but overall very entertaining.