Jessie's 30th Birthday

Last Monday was Jessie’s 30th birthday. Therefore, we celebrated on the weekend after.

Jessie had wanted to start at River Rouge Brewing Company, a local Royal Oak brewery that we discovered just two weeks ago.

They don’t serve food but their beer is on par with Griffin Claw.

Next, we went to Lockhart’s, a local barbecue place.

The evening ended at HopCat. The local chain recently opened a new location in Royal Oak and we went to check it out. It has a patio with a pretty nice view over the city.

It was pretty crowded and it may have been the first time that I’ve spent 10min in a line to get into a bar.

Ana, who usually doesn’t drink beers, sipped from at least two and showed some very expressive faces.

All in all, it was a great evening and I think we may come back. Maybe during the week when it’s not as busy ;).