Venice Beach and Death Valley

It’s been a while since my last post which is mostly due to the fact that a lot was going on in my life recently. Jessie and I got married, we had friends and family over, and we spent our “double honeymoon” together with Marc and Ines. That was a while ago but now I finally found some time to write about it.

We started our trip with a flight into LA and we directly drove to the beach - specifically Venice Beach - where our small apartment was.

The weather was great (especially compared to the Michigan weather that we left behind) and we used the remainder of the day to walk on the beach.

I also got a chance to swim in the Pacific which was still pretty “refreshing”.

We also saw this little fella here who can be seen running away from an incoming wave. Whenever the water vanished, he kept running after it to try to catch worms (?) in the now revealed sand. When the water came back, he had to run and then continued the whole procedure again.

It was also quite windy…

…and we could watch waves crash against this rock formation.

We then walked further along the beach and came to the Venice Beach boulevard where a skate park was installed and skaters did things with their skateboards.

I was greatly impressed with this experience and the beach felt just like “on TV”.

On the next day, we took off for our second destination - Las Vegas. We did however not choose the direct route but went with the longer way through the Death Valley.

Initially, I was a bit sceptical about this detour that should take a good 8-10 hours of driving but it was well worth it.

As the name suggests, the desert was not very welcoming but it was super interesting to watch the scenery fly by from inside our cooled big honkin’ rental SUV that drove like an oil tanker.

Some of the views were quite breathtaking so that we stopped for some time. At this specific spot here we almost got pushed of the hill since there was a strong wind blowing into the desert.

In the middle of the desert, we stopped at the Stovepipe Wells station and went for a walk in the nearby dunes where we spotted lizards.

I’m very happy that we took the opportunity to visit the valley and overall this was probably the most exciting 10h car trip that I’ve had.

More about the rest of our trip in the next blog post.