Bike Restoration Update

I thought I’d give an update on the current status of my bike restauration. I’m at a point where I’m considering to just call it done.

I’ve been wondering if I should really make the conversion from 27” to 700c wheels since that would significantly increase the price with new brakes, spokes, and rims.

Therefore, I decided to initially just keep the steel rims which also look pretty darn cool when they are clean. Instead, I invested in some presumably very good brake pads that should improve stopping performance. At least in dry conditions, I now think the performance is pretty good. In rainy weather, however, I’m definitely seeing what others have mentioned online: It takes a couple of seconds for the water to be pushed away before braking actually starts. Since this’ll likely be a good weather bike, I’m okay with that for now.

The giant pads look a little bit funny but they certainly do the job:

I had also been thinking about converting to indexed shifting but eventually decided against it. With just 10 speeds, I really don’t shift as much.

I got some new and retro looking brake levers and kept the old shifters on the frame.

A new saddle and handle bar tape significantly improve the overall look of the bike. I had been wondering if I should go all-in and get some Brooks stuff but that really didn’t seem worth the price. The different brown tones of saddle, tape, brake levers, and cable housing don’t exactly match but I think that’s okay.

Nice and shiny front axle (don’t zoom in for the dirt that I didn’t catch…)

I got a new freewheel and chain but kept the rest of the old components which (after some cleaning) are doing just fine. I touched up the frame with nail polish where I could. scratches are still visible but only when looking closely

Here is the overall bill of materials (not including some tools I had to buy):

Component Price
Bike $70
KoolStop Mountain Brake Pads $10
Chain $10
Rear Hub Bearing Balls $6
Front Hub Bearing Balls $6
Sunrace 5 Speed Freewheel $15
Shimano Brake Cables $11
Origin8 Classiq brake levers $35
Bar Tape $13
Origin8 Pro Uno-S Saddle $23
Shimano Shift cables $8
Total $207

I will either add new 27” tires since they are pretty old and slide too much when the road is wet or still do the 700c conversion. That would definitely push me over the $300 mark, though.

Here is a picture of the happy new bike owner: