Pacific Coast

During my trip to Portland, I rented a car to explore the surrounding area. One trip that I decided to make was to the Pacific Coast.

At the car rental, I had the option to choose between an older VW Passat and a brand new Chevy Cruze. Also, the Chevy came with a rear-view camera and the Passat was parked all the way in the back and they would’ve had to move vehicles around. So I took the Cruze and it actually is a pretty good car. The transmission shifted funky sometimes and the suspension felt a bit strange but it had CarPlay and a very good gas mileage. I looked up the price later and for that money I’d still rather get a Golf but hey - not as bad as expected.

With the Cruze, I took off on the 2h drive to the coast; more specifically to Ecola State Park. The drive into the park was already beautiful and could’ve been a lot of fun if there wasn’t a speed limit of 15mph.

These pictures here are from the Ecola State Park viewpoint. The weather unfortunately wasn’t the best and there was some rain and fog around. However, the view was truly breathtaking. Unfortunately, the pictures I took don’t really do the view justice.

I then took off on the Clatsop Loop Hike that would mostly take me through the forest and occasionally allow for some beautiful coast views.

One of the highlights of the trip was the view of the Tillamook Rock Light that can be seen from a viewpoint at the turnaround point of the trail. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the right lens to take a good quality picture of the light that was quite far away.

This location also offered some cabins for hikers that are on longer trips. The Oregon coast has a very extensive trail network and if I understood it right, you can use it for multi-day hiking trips along the coast as well.

There also were some old bunkers right off the trail that are slowly decaying. They still looked intact and they seemed to be pretty big as well. Unfortunately, the entrances were well blocked though.

After getting back to the car, I decided to drive along the famous Highway 101 for a while to see some more of the coast. Below is a picture I took at Cannon Beach. When stopping to take this picture, I met a lady from Seattle that also had stopped for the view. She is from Seattle and - as it turns out - has friends in Wolfsburg :).

The following pictures are from Cape Meares, where I took off from the coast and drove back to Portland through the Tillamook Forest. I really loved the coast and would like to come back with better weather.

I also saw a cyclist that seemed to ride the Highway 101 by bike. That looked like a great idea.