Potawatomi Trail

This weekend, Jimmy and I went on a two day hike on the Potawatomi Trail in the Pinckney state recreation area, which is about an hour away from home.

The hike started during nice weather but light rain was promised for the rest of the day. Soon after we started hiking, the rain started and turned into pretty severe rain. At that point, it was too late to turn back and we just went on - on trails that had become small rivers. There were many frogs around, such as this one here, that clearly enjoyed the rain more than we did.

When we arrived at the campground at the half way point, the rain had basically stopped; after putting up our tents, we were focused on getting our stuff dry.

The next morning started a lot better. It was still pretty humid but no rain in sight.

We then went on, to complete the trail round trip. On our way I also noticed quite a few caterpillars - certainly more than you’d have seen in Germany.

This here is the remains of a fireplace which belonged to a pre-1900 house that stood in the middle of the forest. At first I was confused, as a sign explained that these were the remains of an old house, and I didn’t see any walls. Then I realized that this is probably the only thing that’s left when a wooden house decays.

All in all, this was a very fun trip that I enjoyed despite the trouble with the weather. If the weather stays good for a while, maybe I can do another backpacking trip this year.