Dream Cruise 2016

Today was the 2016 Dream Cruise and I figured I should visit since I hadn’t seen too much of it the last two years. Still in Downtown Royal Oak, I could see quite a few fancy cars driving around.

ford mustang headlights

One of them was this beauty of a Corvette:

corvette stingray tail lights

corvette stingray

corvette stingray hood

I then walked to Woodward Avenue where the side of the road was filled with parked vehicles and spectators. Traffic was unbelievably slow so that you were literally moving faster by foot than by car despite the occasional photo break.

On Woodward I also found this beautiful Pontiac Trans Am Turbo which - once more - showed me that I really like 80’s car design.

pontiac trans am turbo headlights

pontiac trans am turbo side

pontiac trans am turbo back spoiler

Are you ready for a quick quiz: Which of the two vehicles displayed is more likely headed to Ferndale?

This vehicle here scratched the asphalt quite a bit when it went over a bump right after I took this picture.

Oh and the event apparently also attracts racist idiots…