Waterford Hills

Today, Becky was so kind to invite us to the Waterford Hills race track. Her dad has a ‘66 Corvette and was registered for some of the races this weekend. Throughout this annual event, the track is organizing races in different categories most of which involve classic cars.

According to them, this is one of the few events they can participate in due to the “missing” muffler and noise restrictions that typically apply at this track. Not so much today, though.

It was a very relaxed atmosphere and we spent a couple of hours walking around and watching teams get their cars ready for their races.

There was a huge variety of cars around. Most of them in great condition.

We saw one accident that happened right in front of us. Thankfully not much more than bent suspension from what it looked like, though. Nevertheless, this caused quite some trouble with the track crew that was working on getting the driver and the wrecked car out of there as fast as possible.

The pace car came out for that and the drivers had to return to the pit lane and wait while recovery operations were ongoing.

And then it was time for the Corvette to begin racing.

I was a little bit confused by the “turbo-jet” emblem on the car since it neither has a turbo nor a jet engine. Apparrently, GM’s marketing team wanted to differentiate a newer engine from an older one and that’s what they came up with.

During one of the warmup laps, yours truly was allowed in the passenger seat for a slow but nevertheless fun ride around the track.

It also seemed we had a special guest at the event: