Marc & Ines Wedding

Last weekend, Marc and Ines got married and I could finally practice wedding photography again. They got married in Wolfsburg and had their reception at the Ritz Carlton in the Autostadt which is also where we started the day.

In some last minute preparations, the groom carefully applies shoe polish:

After both got ready, we drove to the wakeboard park in the Allerpark to take pictures there. The weather was not so great and we tried to get in the shots between showers making sure that their dresses don’t get too wet. It worked out pretty well and apparently bad weather on your wedding day is good luck.

After the ceremony which was held at the Wolfsburg city hall, we went back to the Autostadt where the party started. They had brought a foosball table to the hotel and guests had prepared typical German wedding games to entertain (and embarrass) the newlyweds.

Overall, this was a great yet exhausting day and I’m very happy that I could be there.