Mackinac Island

Before the 4th of July, Jessie and I took a few days off and we drove to the “Ju-Peeh” as the cool kids here call it. We went camping in St. Ignace which is a small town right behind the Mackinac Bridge that connects the upper and the lower peninsula.


We camped in a state park which was surprisingly well equipped. For a few bucks per night you get plenty of grass for a tent and a car. Each space also comes with it’s own fireplace and a bench. The showers were perfectly clean and warm.



From St. Ignace we took the ferry to Mackinac Island which reminds me of Baltrum because it is another island that is “car-free” (and smells of horse poop).



I brought my bike and Jessie rented one on the island. We spent pretty much the whole day exploring the island that has a nice paved 8 mile long circular track along the shoreline. You can also cross the island on paths that are a little bit more challenging and explore the landmarks. One could even spend a few days there and go running, hiking and horseback riding.




After we came back from the island, we drove an hour into the U.P. to visit the Tahquamenon Falls. The upper peninsula is an area with not much going on and you I get really nervous with only gas for 100 miles left in the tank. Luckily, after a few miles we found a gas station where you even could pump before you pay (European style!). I was a bit disappointed, though, that we didn’t see much wildlife except from a squirrel at the falls and the swarm of bugs smashed on the front spoiler.

All in all this was a super fun trip and I’d love to go there again - maybe for some hiking.