Kentucky Derby


It’s been a while since my last post but yesterday’s party is definitely worth writing about. Lindsey and Aaron invited us over to watch the Kentucky Derby - an event that I’ve never heard of before. That’s a horse race (actually it’s more than one but only one of them is really famous) about which they say that that’s the most watched two minutes in sports every year.


Everybody was supposed to dress up in typical derby apparel and we placed bets on the horses.



Apparently, not knowing anything about the sport helps a lot when you’re betting on it. I won a few bucks without knowing what’s going on (as I did during the Super Bowl).


Of course we had drinks, specifically Mint Juleps which tasted very good but were also pretty strong because they are mostly Bourbon, syrup and ice.



We played a fun game called Bags which is pretty straight forward and fun to play outdoors. It reminded me a little bit of Kubb which is something we should also play soon. I wonder if that’s popular in the U.S.




Later in the evening, drones were flown…


… and placed on other people’s rooftops. Other people with National Rifle Association stickers on their car - so you probably don’t want to mess with them.


It was a great party and I really look forward to more activities like this during the summer. After the cold winter, Michigan now really shows what it has to offer. With 27°C it already feels like mid-summer.