On Friday Franzi, Ben and I drove to Toronto to spend our weekend there. For me that was the first trip to Canada and I had expected more trouble at the border - everything went very smooth in both directions. On the three hours between the border and Toronto it got reeeeally boring. The road was perfectly straight and crossed through endless farmland. Every 50 kilometers there was a Tim Horton’s at the roadside and then nothing again for a long time. We made the mistake to stop at one of these and I drank what I think was the worst coffee of my life. On our way out of the store I had to throw it away because I couldn’t drink it. I guess I should’ve trusted Thorsten’s list of best coffee in the US.




In Toronto we visit the Royal Ontario Museum that gives an insight into the history of Canada and the local wildlife.



In the museum I was surprised to find something that looks like the coat of arms of Braunschweig. This is probably related to the Canadian province of New Brunswick that carries the same lion on their flag. The only difference there is that it is stretched in a very ugly way. Somebody should’ve told them to always use shift when resizing.



We also visited Toronto’s Chinatown where we had a great dinner and ate some really good lobster. After that both Ben and I got a new haircut there which was the latest (9 p.m.), fastest (10min?), cheapest (8$) and most silent (the guy didn’t speak a word) haircut of my life.


Then we went to the Handlebar which is a small hipster bar in Kensington. I had my first Old Fashioned which was pretty good and we listened to some bands.




On the next day we visited the CN Tower which is Toronto’s landmark and I could verify that my fear of heights also works with glass floor.



On our way back we visited the Niagara Falls that were still partially covered with snow and ice.