German Souvenirs

After a breakfast coffee at the awesome Bean & Leaf Café I went to the Sunday flea market again. This time, to my surprise, I found some German items for sale. The first one I noticed was this helmet of the Freiwillige Feuerwehr. Kronberg is very close to Frankfurt and from the looks of the helmet it could be from the 40s or 50s.


Then I found this record here which I think is kind of disturbing. To me vinyl records are something one would listen to for relaxation and I think I never saw a documentary vinyl disk before. It’s weird to imagine somebody having a nice cup of coffee on a Sunday afternoon and listening to “Hitler’s inferno vol. 2”.


And then there was this hat of which I assume that someone brought it back from his “Europe Trip” back in the 40s… If I saw this at a flea market in Germany I would think that the seller is some kind of fanatic idiot. Here I think of a story where someone had the chance to kill an SS officer (good job!) and then bring back the hat as a trophy.