Americans take sports pretty serious, it seems. Football, college football, hockey, baseball and basketball are the most popular sports here and they are watched very often. Many of the bars have TVs and if there is a football game, they are definitely showing it. I’ve got the feeling that you can watch football 24/7 here, if you want to. I planned to watch all the different local teams at least once during my stay here. This week I was surprised that I can maybe achieve that pretty fast as I got invited to both a Red Wings (hockey) and a Pistons (basketball) game. On Tuesday my colleagues and I were invited to the Joe Louis Arena to see the Red Wings play. The arena is named after the black Detroit boxer who back in the days beat up Nazi Germany in a fight that became very popular. They played against the Florida Panthers and unfortunately the Red Wings lost in a game that was still pretty interesting. Especially the atmosphere in the arena was great.






On Saturday Lindsey’s parents were so nice to invite me to the Pistons game against Philadelphia. The scheme here was quite similar with a lot of focus on the activities around the game. Every free minute was used for additional entertainment or to shoot t-shirts into the crowd. The match was very intense especially in the last minutes when the final score was decided during overtime. I had a great time and I can see why these games are more popular here. I’ll definitely come back and also there is still baseball and football on my list.