Shawarma Fest

So far the food options and also the variety in the U.S. are pretty impressive. This might be due to the large amount of different cultures especially in this area. But there are two dishes I haven’t found yet. One is real Italian pasta and the other one is the good old Döner Kebab.

On my quest for the Italian cuisine I checked out a few places that claimed to serve mediterranean cuisine. That is technically correct but from a European perspective you expect Spanish, Italien, French or Greek cuisine in a mediterranean restaurant. Here you can get everything from the eastern part of the mediterranean sea in these restaurants. There are a few places in Royal Oak that explicitly claim to be Italian and maybe I should check them out soon.

The closest you can get to a Döner is Shawarma. It seems that the preparation is very similar and often it is also served in a pita. Nevertheless there are differences in the salad that is served with it and also in the sauce. Here it is mostly served with something that seems to be just shredded garlic and comes with all the health benefits and effects on your mouth odor. Last Thursday there was a Shawarma Fest at the Royal Oak Farmers Market and different local restaurants served their food there. I went there with Tigran after work, even though he was a bit sceptical if this would be as great as I imagined. It turned out that he was right - The food was pretty good but the whole fest was rather weird. That’s why we left pretty quickly and went to the Griffin Claw Brewery where we had some great beer and pretzel sticks. Cheers!