First days in Royal Oak

I’ve been quite busy the last days but everything regarding my move went exceptionally well. I got my rental furniture set up, bought a bed at IKEA, ordered the obligatory vacuum robot, went shopping for groceries and today I finally moved into my apartment.

I used the afternoon to take a walk in Royal Oak to get to know the area. A warm jacket was necessary as fall came pretty quick here and the temperature dropped significantly.


Somewhere I found this car with a sticker on the right door saying “She likes it when I hit it sideways”. I’m not sure in which part of American traffic he actually “hits it sideways” as all the “curves” I found are pretty much rectangular and everybody is turning very carefully.


Further along the way I found the Royal Oak Music Theater that has performances of Asia and Uncle Kracker scheduled.


Then I noticed a picture that hung on a decorated wall. This was part of the “inside out” program of the DIA that builds replicas of exhibits and places them in participating communities where everybody can see them. What a great idea! This particular piece is from the German painter Willibald Wex who doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry and who’s existence I therefore highly doubt. Maybe that’s why they hung it above the painted flames.


Apart from all that I had a few noticeable contacts with American culture in the last days. One of them being shopping scooters, which are used in Germany by really old or disabled people. Here they belong to the lazy and fat people and are available for free at the entrance of every larger store. What really impressed me is the variety of beer you can get here. Seeing this, Germany should immediately be dispossessed of being the beer country. Here in Detroit you can find a local brewery around every corner and in literally every store that sells food, you can find a shelf that is at minimum 10 meters long and full with beer. This includes Detroit beer, Michigan beer, craft beer and imported beer. Here I found German beer that I didn’t even know existed. Below you can see half of the beer selection of the small store next to my apartment: IMG_1457