Dally in the Alley

Yesterday some colleagues and I went to the Dally in the Alley, which is a street and art festival in midtown Detroit. It was very crowded and it had an alternative flair with weed smell over the place. About half an hour after we got there, the place had to be evacuated because a transformer on a rooftop blew and firefighters needed to get through. Nevertheless it was a great evening and it was nice to see this part of town, I had not been to yet. DSCF4218

The region really has a problem with its power lines that run over the ground. A thunderstorm went through here two days ago and uprooted a lot of trees, which then fell on power lines. More than 400.000 people are out of power and the repairs will take days or even weeks. I can only hope it won’t get that bad at my place.