Last weekend, we went on a short trip to Dresden. Jessie had already been there for a language course but it was the first time for me.



In order to use up some leftover vacation days from last year, I went to Berlin for a couple of days to explore parts of the city that I hadn’t seen yet.


Electric Origins


Top of the Wolfswarte

It has been a pretty boring winter and the last weeks, I didn’t go out much because whenever I had time, the weather was bad. Finally, this weekend, the stars aligned and I drove to the Harz for a short hike.


Return to Frankfurt

For this year’s vacation, Jessie and I went to Frankfurt for a couple of days. I had spent a lot of time there for work around 2012. Therefore, I was curious to come back and see what has changed. Also, I think Frankfurt is one of the most underrated cities in Germany.



This weekend, Jessie and took a relatively spontaneous trip. It was supposed to be to the North Sea but finding accommodation wasn’t that easy. In the end, we booked a Hotel in Bremerhaven which is more of an industrial small town - so neither an exciting big city nor a cute small town.


Samba-based TimeMachine with Big Sur

It’s been driving me nuts that file sharing between my linux server and my Mac has been flaky for quite a while with the mounting sometimes failing and TimeMachine having stopped working ages ago.

Therefore, I finally spent some time to dig deeper and to find a working solution. This has been quite complicated since most information on this online is outdated by now because either AFP is still used or the most recent changes through Big Sur aren’t considered.


Herrenhäuser Gärten

We’ve been sitting around at home for months now (hence the lack of updates here). I had a couple of vacation days left over that I need to take till the end of March. Initially, I had been waiting for an opportunity to spend them on a short city trip but thanks to our government’s disastrous Corona response, that’s obviously not going to happen any time soon.

Therefore, I took the vacation days anyway and to at least leave the house a little bit, we drove to Hannover for a day.


Displaying Exif Tags with Hugo

This site is powered by Hugo and therefore statically generated. I post a lot of pictures and like to show the corresponding Exif tags. Up until a few weeks ago, I did this by embedding a JavaScript library that would parse the tags on the client and inject additional information into the DOM. While that worked fine, it wasn’t the most elegant solution and I wanted to finally utilize Hugo’s capabilities. »