D. C.

On Memorial Day weekend, Jessie and I took a vacation and flew to D.C. I was tempted to write that we flew to Washington but every time I told that to somebody, they asked me if I mean the state or the city.

Anyway, Jessie had never been and I had only gone there to visit the USDOT and never really had time to see much of the city. Washington D.C. White House

It is really different from the other U.S. cities that I have seen so far. It feels quite European and has a lot of cool, old looking buildings where I’m not really sure if they are actually old or just pretend-to-be.

Washington D.C. Supreme Court

It was cool to see all the buildings that I’ve seen so many times on TV and they look quite different in person. The Capitol unfortunately was still under renovation.

Washington D.C. Capitol Sun

The sculpture below is called The Bex Eagle and amused me quite a bit. To me, this looks like criticism of U.S. foreign policy and imperialism as it depicts an eagle with earth in its claws. From the description however, you get a different a different feeling as it talks about freedom being brought to the world.

The linked blog post summarizes it perfectly:

In the Cold War, America spoke softly and diplomatically, but wielded a big stick in the form of its military and wealth. This propaganda piece perfectly embodies how America viewed itself in this turbulent time.

Bex Eagle Sculpture

We wanted to use the weekend to see as many of D.C.’s museums and the zoo. They are all operated by the Smithsonian Institution and are free to visit. This surprised me very much and I was even more surprised about the way donations were handled. I remember our museum visits in London where they were free as well but there were people standing at the entrance and exit telling you what the appropriate “donation” is. Here, there was a small donation box in the corner and that’s all. The institution is highly subsidized with taxes so make sure you visit while you can. They may not be there anymore as soon as America is “Made Great Again” next year…

The city also seems to attract protestors that want to finally “show the establishment”. We saw some anti-abortion protestors in front of the Supreme Court and this van here that some Hillbillys drove all the way into civilization. Obama and his banana phone(?) are really bringing tyranny over the country.