National Air and Space Museum

One of the museums that we visited in D.C. was the National Air and Space Museum. To me, this was also the most exciting one. Like with all the other museums, the entry was free and we spent quite some time to go through all their different exhibits. The aircrafts that they had available included passenger planes, fighters and a couple of drones as well. »

D. C.

On Memorial Day weekend, Jessie and I took a vacation and flew to D.C. I was tempted to write that we flew to Washington but every time I told that to somebody, they asked me if I mean the state or the city. Anyway, Jessie had never been and I had only gone there to visit the USDOT and never really had time to see much of the city. »

Fisher Building

One of the remarkable historic building in Detroit, that I hadn’t seen so far, is the Fisher Building. This changed yesterday when Thomas and Daniel were in town for a visit and Andrew gave us a tour of some nice historic places in Detroit. The Fisher Building is located north of Midtown and while I was expecting a somewhat empty and unused building, it is hosting quite a few smaller shops and coffee places as well as the Fisher Theatre. »

Photo Shoot with Verena

Verena had asked me to take pictures of her and yesterday we went to Stoney Creek to make this happen. Last weekend still felt like winter in Michigan and now it looks like we skipped spring alltogether and immediately went to summer (no complaints here). Nature didn’t quite catch up with that yet, though. That’s why the background in those pictures is still a little bit brown. Also, this was the first time that I really realized what harsh shadows during noon time really mean. »

Sergio's Birthday

Sergio is getting old. What a great reason to celebrate and visit the Brown Iron Brewhouse. »

Sunday Coffee

There is nothing better than a coffee at Great Lakes Coffee Roasting in the middle of a walk through Midtown on a cold April afternoon. Okay maybe a beer at HopCat but that’s for another time. »

Fool Moon Parade

A couple of days ago, I had received an email from Dietmar who lives in Ann Arbor and had joined the local photoraphy group Ann Arbor Shutterbugs. They planned to meet at the university to watch the Fool Moon Parade. I hadn’t taken pictures in quite a while and it worked out very well because I could just go there on my way back from the proving ground. I arrived a bit early and walked around the incredibly beautiful campus. »

San Francisco

Last week I flew to San José for a business trip and decided to spend the weekend in San Francisco to explore the city. On Friday morning I took the Caltrain that runs up to San Francisco in about an hour. It stops in different locations on the way in the Bay Area, one of them being Palo Alto where I took a break. I was a bit limited with my suitcase so I only spent about an hour visiting the Stanford campus. »


Yesterday, I picked up Jessie from her new work location in Midtown. We walked around a little bit and got dinner at Traffic Jam and Snug. I used this to come to Midtown a little bit earlier and walked around for an hour or so. It still amazes me how much more you notice about the buildings and small shops and cafés in places that you’ve already been numerous times when you just walk instead of driving or even cycling. »

Nuclear Waste Storage Near Lake Huron

Today, I read an article (German) about a deep geological repository that is planned to be built in Canada and the controversy around it. When looking up some English sources for this, I noticed the disconnect between the English term for this and the actual meaning. Who would think of a nuclear waste dump when hearing the term “deep geological repository” for the first time? What’s being dumped in there isn’t even part of the term. »